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Er. Hansraj Banger
Er. Hansraj Banger
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Paytm Full KYC

Today we will tell you how to do full KYC of Paytm. If you also use Paytm app, then you will have to do full KYC. Because according to the rules of the government, if you do not update full KYC in the Paytm app. So you can miss out on many features of Paytm.


How to do Paytm Full KYC
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👉 KYC :- The full form of KYC is Know Your Customer which means in Hindi to identify your customer. It is very important to do KYC to get your identity verified in the Paytm app. 

There are two types of KYC in Paytm App :

  1.  Minimum KYC 
  2.  Full KYC 

To use all the features of Paytm, you need to do full KYC. To do Minimum KYC, you just have to verify any one document like PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License, MNREGA Job Card etc. which you can do very comfortably. But in Minimum KYC, you can only use Paytm Wallet. You cannot send money to anyone. For this you need to do full KYC.

Paytm is the easiest way of KYC Verification. You don’t need to have much knowledge to do this. If you are a new Paytm user then you can do it very easily. To do full KYC, you must have your own Aadhar card and PAN card, only then you can do full KYC. For this you have to follow the steps given below.

👉 First of all install Paytm App in your mobile. If you already have Paytm app in your mobile then update it. Now open your Paytm app.

👉 After that login to your Paytm App.

👉 Now you will see the option of left side profile, click on it.


How to do Paytm Full KYC


👉 Now you will see Paytm Wallet Status at the bottom, click on the Upgrade option next to it.
👉 After this you will see Upgrade Your Account at the bottom, click on it.
👉 After that you will see the option of Video KYC, click on it.
How to do Paytm Full KYC

👉 In the next page, you have to enter the Aadhar card number. After that you have to enter your name as mentioned in the Aadhar card. Tick on “I Agree” and click on the Proceed button.


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👉 Your video chat will be turned on as soon as you click on Proceed, your documents will be verified in this chat. Your Paytm KYC will be completed within 2 to 3 days as soon as the video chat is completed.



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